Commissioned ok, not on planner

Signed up today, new chip and card, in fact several all not working to some extent. This card blinks red/orange, then orange/red then slow green then off.

Nothing appears on the planner.

Developer edition
model: imp001

sparkfun imp breakout.

Not sure what else i can do check.

When i say it commissioned ok, i meant, the green light blinks slowly on the card, which as far as i can tell from the reading material, that this means its connected to the cloud. After that nothing.

have you checked that your impee is listed in the IDE?

what do you mean by IDE?

Its not listed anywhere. i.e. nothing appears on or

i’m waiting to hear back from my IT department to check nothing is being blocked. Are there specific ports that need to be opened? or just port 8080, 80 etc?

no, normally if your imp blinks green it should be connected.

well, wait for the smart guys who have access to old planner, I don’t.
The IDE is just the planner, but it has an IMPEE menu item where your boards should be listed.

So, what to do? it doesn’t appear… this is the same for two boards and one chip.

Going to wait until a colleague is back who’s got one working. Perhaps the phone isn’t flashing the card correctly.

no, you have done it right, otherwise you wouldn’t have the green flash

@emile PM me your card mac address (on the back)?

We’ve managed to connect it successfully. Basically, the samsung S3 doesn’t blink the phone at all. At least not mine. A friends phone successfully blinks the card.

We found that the dev board had connected, but to the previously blinked account.