Commercial users & blink-up

I read that end users (commercial) cannot commission an IMP using the Electric Imp app, but vendors have to distribute their own blink-up app.

Is there another way to do this without apps ? Why not a webpage ?


It’s not that they can’t use the Electric Imp app, it’s just that they typically (in fact I think invariably so far) need the commissioning process to do additional work beyond what the Electric Imp app does – e.g., registering the device with their own services. So there does need to be something slightly custom in the app. Commercial customers get a BlinkUp SDK, which (we hope) makes it pretty easy for them to build a simple app around it.

Besides that, many customers want the commissioning experience to carry their own company’s branding – not ours.


So if we dont need custom hooks, its possible and allowed to just use the imp blinkup app ?

I make small scale projects and maintaining 2 apps, getting a developer account with apple, and a ios device to test on, does not sound that interesting :slight_smile:

If the alternative is to have the user enter their imp id or something in our website, I would rather go for that.

Yeah MORA,
the same for me. Why not a mobile site for the blinkup ?

I hope Electric Imp will help us for this.