Commercial Imp Applications "in the wild"?

Just curious if the Imp has publicly latched in any applications that one would experience in normal day to day activity. Lie… are there any Imps in a coffee maker, frig, DVR, etc. or is it all hobby work?

Again, just curious.

Me too!
But I can imagine some…

Right now the only commercial product “in the wild” is the Budweiser Red Light (although Lockitron has also announced they are using the imp for their wifi solution).

I’m not sure if you would consider the Budweiser Red Light to be “normal day to day activity,” although I know some people back home in Canada who would :slight_smile:

If you guys haven’t heard, we recently partnered with GE and Quirky to bring a whole new line of internet enabled devices to market. You can read about some of the products that made it through their first round of evaluations here.

Thanks, bearded. Very informative. I heard a podcast recently with the GE CEO and Lowes CEO discussing the future of Internet ready home appliances.

I spent 7 years as an electronic engineer at GE. I’m amazed I was able to survive that long without an app that would tell me how much milk was left in the jug.

Any update on this that you can talk about?

Check out this page:, @IJLabs