Code to control a I2C LCD using the i2C89

Hello guys, could you support me I am traying to write some code to control a i2C LCD using the i2C89 but with not success, so please anyone have some info abou this?

Whta ‘I2C LCD’ are you using?

Hi I am usin I2c lcd1602 from mjkdz.

Don’t know this part, but here are a couple of things to check:

  1. Make sure you’re not using a 5V LCD - it probably won’t work with the 3.3V imp (at least, the 5V LCD that I had didn’t)

  2. The backpack’s I2C address is 0x20. This needs to be converted for imp use:

local impI2Caddress = 0x20 << 1

  1. When you get it wired and powered up, check the potentiometer to make sure you’ve got the backlight set properly

  2. The MJKDZ board uses this chip:, so you’ll need to look at that to work out how to control the LCD via I2C.

  3. Google Arduino code the for board - this will hopefully provide some sample code you can adapt for the imp. More info on converting Arduino code here