Code examples for One-Wire library use for multiple gyroscope itg 3200

Hi everyone !
I’m working on my final project study, I find some codes to function gyroscope itg 3200 with electric imp

You may need to download the datasheet, read it, and write some code for this. I’m sure your supervisors are expecting that a project will help demonstrate your engineering expertise rather than your ability to ask for help on a forum…

The ITG is not a one-wire device, it’s an I2C device as I remember.

I’d suggest you get one, wire it to the imp, read the datasheet and look at some other I2C code (eg this temperature sensor ) and at first, try to read a single register and confirm that it matches the datasheet (most chips have some sort of ID register which returns a fixed value).

If you run into problems, then you can post questions here and people will likely help out.