Code Development on New Planner

Often when I develop code I like to save a version that works, before making further edits and a new revision of that code. I don’t see and easy way to do this with this current planner interface. Each time a save a set of code it looks like I have to start with a fresh empty slate “so to speak” and retype all the code I want to reuse (or copy and paste possibly). For instance I have a set of code that I have used to try various device/agent/browser/Prowl communications. Now I would like to simplify/focus this without loosing all the work I have done. I listened to the intro video for the new IDE on you tube several times but don’t see a way to save away code to the inactive files but still use it on a new model.

For now, you have to save everything on your PC. I use Notepad++. There are tricks to load one from ‘inactive’ but don’t click ‘run’ or it will download to imp. To me, that is confusing, so I just keep my own copies in case I accidentally delete something.

I think they’re working on some IDE changes? For now, not much you can do about it.

We are working on some changes, but the main one for advanced users is being able to upload & run code via http, ie can be done from the command line. That lets you use the source control system of your choice, etc.