Clockwork SMS

Just noticed this and wanted to share:

Look like a possible alternative to Twilio.

Edit - Or maybe not… it costs $.03 per message.

What’s the biggest problem with Twilio besides the extra text? I had one message that was delayed an hour. Been using it with Imp since June.

No problems… I actually pay for it… just always looking for other services.

Have you seen any delays with Trilio? Lost messages? I love it!

No, it works very well. I set it up on most of my agents, inside http.onrequest() so I know if anyone attempts unauthorized access. I think it gets more responsive if you pay for it. My security system is my primary use for it, and it is always on the money.

Have you tried Plivo? We have security notification and two-factor authentication companies (amongst others), using our services for SMS.

It you’re comparing price. Then check out our Twilio alternative page, it gives a cost comparison by SMS and volume scenarios as well as feature and coverage comparisons.

Let me know if you have questions.
*Disclaimer: I do work for Plivo

@lucyz Thanks for sharing the service! I’ll definitely take a look. The fastest way to get Electric Imp developers on board would be to post some impOS code in your Helper Libraries. Any chance of that?