Chrome Broke Today?

I was in the planner all day today when all of a sudden when I went to the code portion and I tried to scroll down - it started scrolling up all on its own! I can’t think of changing anything for this to happen. I’ve disabled all external peripherals (mouse & keyboard) and it’s still happening. Chrome 21.0.1180.60.

No problem in Firefox, however.

Interestingly, I updated to 22.0.1221.0 (Developer channel) and it’s still scrolling up.

Installed Chrome Canary, and it’s fine. 22.0.1225.0

Sounds like what robv experienced yesterday.  Seems like problem still exists. Thanks.

I have the same problem, where the IDE view scrolls up automatically, in Chrome Version 27.0.1453.93 in Ubuntu 12.04. It doesn’t happen in Firefox

I had a problem recently where Chrome timed out EVERY TIME.
Always got “Not found” for a week. Now OK.