Changes to Developer Account Assigned Device Totals

Electric Imp will shortly begin limiting the number of development devices assigned to Device Groups at any one time on all non-commercial developer accounts to a maximum of 100. This maximum will be applied to new accounts and to existing ones. It will take place on August 1, 2020.

This maximum does not affect accounts with access to impCentral production functionality, ie. accounts whose owners have a commercial relationship with Electric Imp. It does not affect the number of unassigned development devices that can be associated with any account.

Please see the FAQ below if you have any questions.


What is being changed exactly?

We are setting and enforcing a maximum value for the number of development devices that may be assigned to a developer account’s Device Groups. The maximum will be 100 devices. That might be 100 devices in a single Device Group, 100 groups each with one device assigned to them, or any combination in between. You will only notice the change when you attempt to assign your 101st device.

Why is this change being introduced?

This has been on our roadmap for some time. Development devices were never intended to be used for commercial or volume use. Don’t forget, If you need more active devices than allowed by the maximum, you can reach out to us to discuss this and the other benefits of a commercial agreement with Electric Imp.

What will happen when I assign my 101st device?

You will receive an error message in the impCentral™ IDE or via the impCentral API, depending on how you are attempting to assign the device. The message will remind you that you must unassign a device before you’ll be able to assign this one.

What will happen if I already have more than 100 devices assigned?

Your devices will continue to work, and they can still be moved between Device Groups. But you won’t be able to assign any further devices, and if you unassign a device you won’t be able to re-assign it or assign a different one until the total number of assigned devices in your account has fallen below 100.

Will my unassigned devices be included?

No. You can add as many devices to your account as you wish, but you will only be able to add up to 100 of them to Device Groups.

When will the change come into force?

August 1, 2020.

Is the change being applied to existing accounts or just to new ones?

The maximum will be applied to all developer accounts, ie. non-commercial accounts, on August 1, 2020, whether they were established before that date or from that date onwards.

I have a commercial account with Electric Imp, but my software development contractor does not. Will the maximum assignment limit affect their account?

If the contractor’s account is a non-commercial one, then yes, it will have the maximum imposed for Device Groups that are owned by that account. However, the maximum does not apply to those Device Groups which you have shared with your collaborator.

I have a developer account with Electric Imp and I share Products with another developer account. Will the maximum assignment limit affect their account?

No, but it will affect yours. If you have five assigned devices associated with your account, and your collaborator has five of their devices assigned to your Device Groups, then you have ten devices counted toward your total.