Change to in release 25?

Has the value encoding for the ADC changed in release 25? My voltage measurement code that had been work is coming back with numbers that don’t make sense.

Certainly no intentional change. Release 25.2 had a small bugfix that should improve the accuracy of the ADC, but not change the representation. What’s your exact version? “server.log(imp.getsoftwareversion())”

What sort of values are you seeing?


My mistake, I confirmed normal behavior on a simpler test circuit, I must have a hardware failure

Incidentally, it would help if the API reference wiki noted that imp.getsoftwareversion() is only available to the agent (that’s my experience anyway).

well, no.
You can have imp.getsoftwareversion() both in Agent and Device:

Agent: fadf935 - jenkins-ei-release-branch-719 - Wed Jul 17 10:15:31 2013
Imp: f2f252d - Fri Jun 14 16:08:00 2013

^this is true only if your imp has been upgraded to Release 25 or later. (The rollout got delayed until a few connection bugs were fixed)

sorry, you are right. didn’t think about that…

You are correct - it turns out I have a single imp in which my code is throwing errors that several of the server methods don’t exist, and apparently this imp method as well, see this thread