Change one Imp and all get changed

I have 6 imps all running the same agent and server code.
I went in and changed the agent and server code for one of them, and later on all 6 were running the new code. Unfortunately the code had a bug in it and my imps have not been logging for 12 hours.
What’s up?

I think I am understanding now. The 6 imps were all under the same model, thus, you change the model and they all get the same code.

This is contradictory to what I posted in a prior discussion hoping to find a way to deploy code to all of my imps when I make a change.

New to the platform.

Yep, that’s what happens - changes are not pushed to all devices when you’re using the developer tools, but if the device reconnects or reboots or crashes (or you select it in the IDE and press build&run) it will pick up the new code at that point.

Got it, thanks Hugo.