Cellular carrier questions

On the IMPC001 module can you select one specific carrier for cellular comms ?

The reason that this may be neccessary is twofold ;

  1. We demo a product to say Vodafone and mention we are using their carrier while in fact the IMP is connected to Meteor or O2 network as it is automatic at present.
  2. Orange, France are now releasing their own eSIM on cellular modules (Sequans module) certified to work on Orange network. So, to get on Orange network in France with our product you need at least to use their network only plus maybe other restrictions.

No, it’s not possible to carrier lock; we will select the best carrier. You can however use us on Orange France without their certification as it isn’t their SIM (certifications are required for carrier-branded SIMs, in general).

If you need to use a cellular imp with a carrier SIM for other reasons, please contact us. There are cellular products in the very near future which allow this.