CC1101 Example Code

Well - after much trouble (see here) - I got my code working with the CC1101. Here is a basic class to get going with the CC1101.

Nice! We’ll get the SPI fixed up so it’s a little less painful :slight_smile:


Did your team ever get the function working? I have a read-only spi thermocouple chip (MAX31855) that I’d like to acquire data from.

Adam works fine, you just need to do a spi.write() before every read. You can configure the MOSI pin to be GPIO if you don’t want it driven, but you still need to do the spi.write to generate the clocks.

Hi All,

I have been trying to test the CC1101 using the ELECHOUSE code for Arduino but in vain . What have you written your code in? I am not good at writing or deciphering code . I just know my Rf system pretty well.I connect the chip directly to the microcontroller to test it .

Is there something that I am doing wrong ?

@vidhugop - if memory serves me right, I ported the ELECHOUSE code over to squirrel, the language used for the imp. If it wasn’t from ELECHOUSE, it was another piece of Arduino or C++ code I found online. I meant to put that information in there when creating the PasteBin, but forgot. It’s been a while since I’ve messed with it because I believe the pieces I ordered were not meant for the 915Mhz.

The code at least verifies that you have communication. Beyond that, it’s completely up to the programmer to make it do whatever it needs.

Did your team ever get the function working?

Just for the benefit of anyone coming across this thread nowadays, we didn’t ever change the way works, because we don’t break old code, but we invented new functions spi.readblob(), spi.readstring(), and spi.writeread() which work in a much more sane way.