Cardos-5 - imp.configparams

Thanks e.imp fort cardos-5 :slight_smile:

  1. Is there a restriction in the length of stings you can pass to an imp?
  2. Any chance of increasing the width of the input boxes on planner, may be to popup width?
  3. Also the order of table items in popup doesn’t match with the code and changes if you make mods.

Attached image might help.

  1. Key names (“sid”, “name” etc in your picture) are a maximum of 30 characters; values (“June Kelly” etc) are limited in size only by the available memory in the imp.
    (2. I’ll leave to the web folks, but it sounds a perfectly reasonable request.)
  2. The order of items as transferred to and from the imp is arbitrary (it depends on the hashing in the underlying Squirrel interpreter), and so currently the order in the popup is arbitrary too. Probably the web app should either list them in alphabetical order always, or let you drag-and-drop them and then remember that order.


Peter many thanks.