Card pinout

Can anyone give me a correct pinout of the IMP card?

I am interested in something like this: but with IMP pin's (including GND, V+, ID pin, card detect pin etc.). The imppinmux from wiki is only half way - not enough.

Unfortunatelly the SD slot's from different manufacturers are not the same, pins are numbered differently so I would like to know how it is before I burn down my IMP :)


The only pins missing from the pinmux on the wiki are:

pin 3 - ground
pin 4 - 3.3v
pin 6 - ID chip

All SD slots should have the pins that connect through to the card consistent. Things like detect and write protect tend to differ from slot to slot though.

Note that you should be sticking to slots which have the same metal profile as the Proconn socket referenced on the wiki. Slots with more metal near the end of the card will adversely affect antenna performance.

So the pinout is the one from the attachment?

We got confused a bit since there is no connection between the pinouts in the schematic of the april board (J1) and the pins from the proconn connector (
Example: detect pin in the pdf is #4 and is 11 on the schematic. I know this is not a mistake since the numbers on the schematic does not have to be the same with the pdf but it's confusing.

Another confusing thing: the proconn connector have GND on #5 (pdf numbering) and Detect on #4. The april design switches those between them connecting the GND to #4 and providing gnd for the IMP-card via the detect switch (because #4 and #5 are shorted when the card is in). The design works but confused us for a moment.

We will use the same connector or even ones with smaller shield than the april one so the antenna shouldn't be bothered.

Yes, the pin numbering in your attachment is correct.

Connector datasheets often have downright strange pinout numbering (if the pins are numbered at all), so it’s always best to ave a physical sample when doing the footprint :slight_smile:

The GND/detect mismatch is mainly because there’s an alternate part we tried that had these switched. The difference is about which one contacts first, but makes little difference in almost all applications.

What would be handy is a physical blessed pinout posted on the site.

e.g. the above picture with their imp assignments!

I took the liberty of consolidating the info I could find (including the above). Is this correct?