Can't get my bud light to work

Hello - I recently changed my internet provider and now I can’t get my light to work. It flashes as if it was successfully connect and the app says connect but when I do the test it doesn’t work. I take it to a friends and it works well as it did before I switched providers. I’m pretty sure it’s a setting with my new modem. Any suggestions?

If the imp is blinking slow green at your house then the imp is happy and connected; it may be an issue at the Budweiser server side. Have you tried calling the support line?

I think Don Cherry’s Red light suit damaged my Red Light, I keep loosing the signal, reset it numerous times, still have same issue. My mac: 0c2a690371f8 Thanks you for help

Try calling Budweiser support?

I brought the light to a friends and it works fine so I’m thinking there’s some sort of setting issue with my wifi and imp

If the imp flashes slow green, it is connected - if it gets this far, everything should be ok (as long as budweiser’s systems are happy). If not, then there’s an issue with the local network (credentials, config, etc)