Cant get COSM to work (404)


Yesterday i connected my imp-application to COSM, i used the guide and everything worked perfectly… For about 3 minutes. After that the “200” got replaced by “404”.

I have tried to get it to work over and over again unsuccessfully.

Just to check that im doing the basic right;

API KEY = **************************************************************** (The long key you get)
Feed = The name on the feed (Can i use the feed-Id aswell?)
Datastream = The name on the datastream

Is the program needed to do something special? Right now im just updating the value to be sent like this;
And updating every 30 seconds.

Any special port that has to be open?

Any input would be appreciated.

404 means “not found” and indicates the page you’re posting to doesn’t exist. Maybe Cosm was down? Has happened before. As for the feed, I think it should be the id (number) and not a name.

ejeklint is right: you need to use the feed ID instead of the name of the feed