Cannot see my code in planner

I am using Sparkfun imp shield. I have commissioned my imp and entered “hello world” code. I think it appeared in my planner originally but now whatever I do I cannot see any code that I enter in the planner as per wiki. Either I am missing something simple or I have messed up with everything. Please help or point to a direction for troubleshooting.

A frustrated imp Nooob

Assuming you have at least two programs as per the bold instructions here:
and that your imp is powered up, and connected.

Which ‘tab’ of the planner can’t you see your programs - are they listed in the ‘code’ tab? Or are they missing when you click on the sliders on the imp node?

Correct. I have 3 programs in my code tab. But when I click on the planner tab I see none of them there. Please see the attachments.

Attachment again.

Is your impee powered up and connected? Does it appear in the impee tab?

Yes. It is power up, connected and LED was green. I also see its Id under impees tab.

with me it was solved by adding a node in the planner, then the imp showed up as well

Nope. I have done that too.

Ran into same issue. Once you add the extra program you need to select the second program in the pulldown menu, then it should work.

Sorry, which pull down menu? In the code tab there is no pull down menu and whe I click on the second program it just open it up.

Is there a way to decommission an imp and re-commission it again? perhaps this would reset the planner.

Do a new blinkup and check the box that indicates clearing existing wifi config and create new connection.

Can you look in the code tab, and check all the code in there is valid? The most likely thing here is that you have a bug that’s preventing the imp from getting to the imp.configure line - that’s what gets the node to appear in the planner.

A sure-fire way to do this would be to comment all the code you have in there (you can use /* */ over multiple lines, as in C), and have the single line:


…as the only thing that isn’t in a comment. Then, unplug/replug your imp.

I did as you instructed. I still do not see anything in the planner. However, I noticed after I reconnected the imp and opened one of the programs under the code tab, it shows “No device connected” in the Log pane. This is while I see my imp is connected and it blinked green for some time and then stopped blinking. I am sure the device is conneced though because the LED on sparkfun board is on.

I noticed on the planner I can scroll and pan “forever”. Is it possible that the node for hello world example is somewhere on the screen buffer but not visible on the screen? Is there a way to bring everything to the middle of the screen?

@runtime Unless you enter the code editor by clicking edit on the node, you won’t see logging; this is because code can be associated with multiple impees, and it doesn’t make assumptions about this.

What’s the mac address on your imp?

@Hugo the mac address on my imp is: 0c:2a:69:00:0c:a5