Cannot commission IMP002

I bought an IMP002 and an IMP002 kits. I soldered the LEDs and photo transistor on the IMP002 kit and got it commissioned without a problem. My problem is that I cannot get IMP002 kit (built on a breadboard to) to commission. I have checked on the phototransistor and I get a good 2V swing during blinkup. One hint is that the RED LED does not stop blinking when I run blinkup which means the IMP is not seeing the signal. Withe the same iPhone and network the soldered one works without a problem.

I have read through the forums but cannot find anything that would explain why the IMP002 is not seeing the signal.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards Kobus

Is the phototransistor the right way round?

The soldered version appears to have pin 34, or VDDA tied to 3.3V. On the breadboarded version, VREF(VDDA) isn’t tied to anything. The ADC needs that for reference.

And if you want to use the imp002 more… I highly recommend getting some Amber boards printed, then you are fully ready to go, just like the April. I’d be happy to share my experience if you or anyone is interested.

(Of course you have to get them printed, and solder the boards, but thats all just more fun.)

Thanks for the suggestions. I will give it a try.