Can you use a imp to test if voltage is going through a circuit

I am using an imp to turn something on and to show that it is on a blue LED also turns on.
So i want to hook the imp to blue LED and send a message to the website when it reads past 2v is that possiable.
Please comment links to resources that will allow me to do this.
Will I me able to show the if the LED is “on” on a geocities website details how to build a simple voltage meter - you’ll need to rework the calculations in it for the Imp’s 3.3V pins. Also keep in mind that the electric imp pins (in GPIO mode) can source or sink up to 4mA.

Examples exist for HTTP input and output. Embedding it in a Geocities page - well, Geocities USA is closed so I don’t know what they do and don’t restrict. You’ll have to work against cross-domain-origin issues. The Imp HTTP API is also changing - not sure when - to be substantially more flexible. I’d read up about Agents in the wiki and then ask to be in the Agent beta if it sounds good.

Sorry i am using a copy of geocities called neocities

I will us this

local rawValue =;
server.log(format(“Running at %.2f V”, voltage));

will that show me when the voltage is at a 3.3

sorry i dont know why i posted a bunch of time