Can the Murata LBWA1UZ1GC-958 be substituted for LBWA1UZ1GC-901 imp005?

We’re having trouble sourcing imp005s at the moment but can find an apparently related device, the Murata LBWA1UZ1GC-958.
Is this functionally and electrically equivalent?

These are both Murata 1GC modules, however the imp005/LBWA1UZ1GC-901 has the secure keys loaded for the encrypted impOS image. The LBWA1UZ1GC-958 does not have any keys loaded and thus cannot decrypt the impOS image on the accompanying SPI flash.
The keys can only be loaded by Murata at the time of manufacture.

We recommend contacting your local Murata distributor about placing an order. These days few distributors keep inventory of many devices, they prefer to drop ship to customers, or pass through orders to the manufacturer. If they cannot assist we can ask if Murata can check inventory across their global distributors and warehouses.

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