Can someone help me gather info on how to control a cofee machine with an imp or tell me pplz

there is a video but the explanation and code link is not working
i live in the USA

this is helpful but how would i apply it to a coffee machine

Can you give us a bit more information about your coffee machine… a link to the coffee machine (or a similar one) would be useful.

I am not sure which one would be best

EDIT: Removing my post because it turns out the industrious @zanderx has already done this exact project!

Take a look:

the link to how to do it does not work

Perhaps try sending a message to @zanderx and see if he has it hosted anywhere else :slight_smile:

I did. Is there away to check if he is still active?

not active since 2012…

If I remember right, they hooked up one of the pins to the on/off button of a programmable coffee machine (like this one)

When they wanted to make coffee, they sent an HTTP request to the agent, which in turn triggered the pin on the imp to turn the coffee machine on.