Can ping IMP but it is only blinking red/orange

OK I am seeing some real strange behavior here… (this is the second time its happened)

Was running my imp on battery (lipo) logging a temperature.
Batt finally died after 4 days and so I connected the charger (usb) to recharge via attached lipo charger which also powers the imp.

Now when I power up the imp it only blinks red/orange repeatedly.
The wifi router shows it having been assigned an IP.
I can ping the ip repeatedly from my pc.
if I power down the imp the ping fails.
when I power up the imp the ping is again successful
yet the imp never goes green and the IDE never shows the imp online.

mac is 0c2a690044fc

the last time this happened I gave up for 4-5 days and then it started working OK again.

disconnecting battery and using separate USB cable to PC for power does not change this behavior… just red/orange repeatedly and then imp finally times out after about 60 seconds and never wakes up again, ping stops at that point.
If I cycle power on the imp (leaving the ping going on PC) the imp starts pinging again (yet still blinks red/orange repeatedly, never green)

I tried a “clear device settings” blinkup and then re-blinked to my network… same behavior.



If you have another device you can use to blink up … I found my new iPhone6 is poor at blinking up, worse than my old Android, I have to revert to my iPad.

I don’t believe that blinkup is the problem.
I have used my samsung s5 for several weeks to do blinkup on two different IMP’s with no problem.

Also the imp seems to be connecting to wifi… hence the abaility to ping its assigned address (as shown in the wifi router log)


what, no input from the IMP developers??
Is there something obvious I am missing in trouble shooting this?

It seems like if the imp is associating with my home WiFi and getting an IP address that I can ping then there is a problem getting to the IMP cloud.

What causes the IMP to blink green? is it just the fact that it is connected to the WiFi or does it only blink green AFTER connecting to the IMP cloud??



My guess would be that having been offline for a while your imp has now got a different IP address from the DHCP server, but that the new address does not have a firewall rule for TCP port 31314.

Can you verify which red/orange pattern you are seeing; is it connecting or resolving?

It’s very difficult to discern red from orange in those videos… But I believe it is the “connecting” pattern.
(it might be red…orange (I’m not in front of the IMP right now))

The thing is there are no firewall rules in play here. I can see in the AP logs that it assigns an address to the IMP. And I can then subsequently PING that address with good response.

Isn’t it the case that if I can PING the IMP then it is sucessfully connected to my AP??

As I asked earlier… What does the Green indicate? That it has connected to the IMP cloud or that it has connected to an AP with the correct credentials??

thanks for any help/guidance


The ordered steps it needs to go through are joining the access point, getting an IP address (DHCP), resolving the server names (DNS) and connecting to the service.

If you can ping the imp you have completed DHCP. Since there’s no firewall it’s probably a DNS issue.

There’s a complete list of BlinkUp codes (including green ones) here: