Can I read a Load Cell value from Electric Imp?

I would like to connect a Load Cell to an Electric Imp and read the weight’s value.

I have found quite a few of tutorials where a temperature sensor is attached to the Electric Imp (see: but for some reason when I see examples with Load Cell it seems that I have to use:

  1. A load cell
  2. A load cell amplifier (for example: XH711 - Sparkfun - Load Cell Amplifier)
  3. A board (for example: Arduino mini pro - Sparkfun - Arduino Pro Mini)

My question is, can I just connect a load cell (or maybe a load cell amplifier) directly to the Electric Imp and read the value from there?

Thank you

Do you mean this one, which is a single load cell amp?

You need a load cell, and the amp.
The output is a two-wire clock and data form of transmission.
That can be handled by the Imp. You would need to figure out how to do that data transmission. There has to be something around somewhere … or perhaps seeing how the Arduino does it and getting the Imp to do the same.

As noted in the stackexchange replies, load cells need specialist signal conditioning and a high resolution adc:

See this forum thread for some code that will drive the HX711

Thank you both. Very helpful. @Hugo, yes I will definitely try to use the code to read the 7 segment display as the load cell is already outputting the weight to that.

I wouldn’t read the display, that’s generally going to be hard - likely multiplexed etc. I’d just talk to the HX711, it’s relatively simple. We have code around here somewhere, though it’s not on github. If you can’t get stuff working let me know and I’ll dig more…

Thank you for your help.
Today I have finally started building the circuit but as expected I am not able to read anything from the load cell output.
The code available is for Arduino only. I wonder why Sparkfun does not provide any code for the Electric Imp (as there is a complete tutorial to make them work together).

I really have to understand how to read the digital input and passing the clock values with the right amount of time (this is what I have understood so far but it doesn’t seems to be easy at all).
Any similar code that can help would be very appreciated.

Thank you

Mev, can you draw up a simple schematic of what you have and how you hooked it up? Including the load cell to the Sparkfun card? And the card to the imp.

Sure, here you go

Image not there.

Sorry I may have added the wrong link.

However I have created some working code and I am testing it these days. I will keep the thread updated as soon as I have news! :slight_smile:

Thank you