Can I install 2 Budwesier Red Lights on same WiFi network?

Hey folks (newbie 2nd post - didn’t know if I should continue existing thread or start new, so started new)

I may have already answered my own question. Can I connect 2 Budweiser Red Lights to the same WiFi network?

The Bud app does not allow for adding another lamp, so I was able to connect 2 lamps using the app on my phone and ipad. Both will test via button and at first with their respective apps. Eventually only one tests with app. The other does nothing.

FYI, I first tried the “blinkup”, I think you guys call it, where the app connects using the blinking screen by just having both lamps watch the same phone screen. Both went green but only one would test via the app.

I’ve only been able to watch one hockey game so far an neither worked at all. I assume that a Budweiser issue.

Yes you can. You can’t, however, blinkup two devices at once as only one unit can use the unique token - the second one trying to use the credentials will fail.

The test button only works for a minute or so after configuration, this is by design in their application. They should both work for the next appropriate game.

Thanks for the quick reply Hugo. Gotcha. I’m learning as I mess around with them. Thanks again.