Can I force all the imps in the field to restart from the ide/planner

I want to do a code change push to all the imps that are live. Is there a way to force hundreds of imps in the field to reboot to the new code can be downloaded by them? Doing one at a time is a night mare?

Any help would be appreciated.


If you’re using the commercial setup with blessed imps, yes - you just deploy new software and they all reboot with the new code.

If you’re maintaining them by hand in the ide - not really, no. This is why the blessing/commercial stuff exists.

Hugo, thanks for your response. I am not aware of the commercial setup with blessed imps. These are imps that I initially purchased from you folks and then the last 100 from Digikey. Is there a different part number or a different software setup? Please advice

This is the factory setup as documented in the manufacturing section of the website:

The hardware is identical, but all your hardware would have needed to be blessed when it was built.