Can I do a new Blinkup?

During a demo, at the customer site, I need to demonstrate an Electric Imp (agent+device) application.
Unfortunately my Electric Imp had the first blinkup within my wireless LAN, but i need to blinkup it again 0to be able to show it up.
Is it possible ?
By repeating the blinkup procedure, do i erase all my application and device-profile data ?
Regards, Mario

You can absolutely blinkup at a new site!

Here’s a quick run down of what happens when your imp connects (this is by no means complete, but should help you better understand what’s going on):

When you perform a BlinkUp, your phone passes the SSID and password to your imp (along with an account token so we know who you are).

The imp uses the SSID and password to connect to the Internet.

Once it’s connected, it sends the account token, and the device ID (provided by the ATSHA chip) to the imp server. The server uses the device ID and account token to look up what code it should run.

When you BlinkUp to a new network, the SSID and password change, but the account and device don’t - so it will go on running the proper code.

Many thanks for your answer beardeinventor.
But to make my question deeper, if in that place there are no other wireless networks available than my phone, can the Electric Imp connect to it someway ?
Thank you !

Yes, you can blinkup to your phone. On an iPhone/iPad, the AP generated by the device is only visible if you are either in the hotspot setup screen or at least one device is connected to the hotspot.

So… blinkup the imp with your phone’s credentials and the imp will sit and flash red for a bit as the AP isn’t visible. THEN go into the hotspot screen and the imp will find the phone and connect.

… or you can write code to do this all automatically…

Many thanks guys; your support was really appreciated.

Do I have to do a BlinkUp every time I move to a different Wireless AP?
I carry my imp between home and work. For Arduino, I simply maintain a list of access points along with passwords. The Arduino sketch would simply try one, then the other if the first one does not succeed.
Is there a way to store a couple of different SSID/Password pairs in the imp and have this done automatically?

@thbui here’s an example of cycling connections

Thanks philmy.
This is exactly what I need.