Can I change the port that the imp uses to connect


I’m having trouble getting an imp connected - stuck with the ‘Resolving server name’ blink code.
I am inside a university network and they block port 31314

can I change the imp module to connect on another port?

thanks, Scott

Unfortunately no.

Can you setup a hotspot on your phone, or connect to a different network?

…just checking, does the university network have ssid, username, password vs just ssid and password? If so, it’s an 802.1x network which isn’t supported by the imp.

You can check whether port 31314 is allowed by typing the command:

telnet 31314

…at a command prompt (mac or windows). If it hangs, then it’s blocked. If it connects (blanks the terminal window on windows) then the port isn’t blocked.

But note that the telnet client isn’t installed by default since Windows 7. See for details.