CAN bus?

I can see that the SMT32F205 has 2 CAN controllers. Are the any CAN RX/TX lines amongst those currently brought out and if so are there any plans/hopes that this be supported in some distant firmware release :slight_smile:

Yes, both CAN ports are muxed onto the connector, but not documented until we get round to CAN drivers…

hm, is the MCU STM32F205 ?
It has been said its stm32 something, but not specially what chip from the family?

It has been mentioned in another discussion thread.

hi, yes, i found it… F205, well that should be in dev wiki…

Can you at least document which pins are potentially useable as CAN TX-RX ? for new impee dev boards to be compatible to CAN, should it become released feature

Absolutely no guarantees on when this might become a feature, but:

pin 1: CAN1 RX
pin 2: CAN1 TX

pin 9: CAN2 RX
pin 5: CAN2 TX


Ok, understood!