Can blink my imp. It keeps blinking green and after 1 minute stops

Hello i cant blink an imp.
Never had any problems
since 2 days ago i tried changing the april board with 3 others, than the imp for 4 others and the result is the same.
The imp blinks 2 times green around 1 sec per blink , than after a minute it stops blinking,

any help please ??

There are some troubleshooting tips for BlinkUp here: BlinkUp Troubleshooting Guide | Dev Center

Since you mention an april board you must be using imp001. Hold the card between finger and thumb to block ambient light from entering through the white plastic case, and try to generally shield the imp and phone from other light sources during BlinkUp.

Slow green blinking indicates the imp is successfully connected to the server. Are you trying to move the imp to a different Wifi network? The LED should turn off during BlinkUp. If you DM the mac address I can check what impOS version is running.

If you get a green LED then you’re good (even if it’s blinking).
It normally does not have any LED showing.

If you power on an Imp and it blinks green, that means it is updating firmware or device code.

Sounds like your Imp is working OK.

On the Imp IDE code editor, you should see your imp is “online”.

For the benefit of other readers; the imp was blinked up successfully, had connected to the server and was queued for an impOS upgrade, but was blocked by the local network from opening port 80/tcp. The existing impOS version was very old (c. 2013) and so unable to proceed otherwise. Opening port 80/tcp for outbound connections fixed the issue.

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