C001breakout. Where to wire in 5vdc?

OK, I’m wiring up a cellularC001, and I’m providing 5 volts from my breadboard. Can anyone suggest exactly where to connect my 5 volts + and - ?. I’m not using a pre-fab connector.

I found a small white two-wire grove-connector type of thing that I’ve used before to connect batteries and small battery charger/power supply on my Imp002. That must be it. I’m seeing 4.3 volts out of that 2wire connector. That’s it, right?


The two wire connector the battery connector - don’t connect 5v there; that’s specifically for Li-Ion/Li-Poly batteries as it has the gas gauge etc on it.

You should connect 5v to J13 (directly behind the USB connector). Pin 1 (the square one) is ground.
As I guess you would like the board to not be current limited (ie this is the only power input) then you should put a solder blob on W1 (underside of the PCB) - this lets the PMU know that the input is essentially not current limited.

Thanks. Will do.
And the battery connector? Simply connect a battery? Do I need to set it up, program it. Can I monitor it?

Yep just plug in a battery (eg Adafruit sell some suitable 1000/2000mAh ones). If you get one from Amazon check the polarity first though, some are wired differently from what you’d expect.

Without any programming it’ll charge; see https://developer.electricimp.com/hardware/resources/reference-designs/impc001breakout for links to the libraries that talk to the gas gauge and PMU.

Thanks for your super quick reply. I didn’t even need to stop work.

Yeah!! Did that to my C100. Wired the 5v to the J13 and left W1 without a solder blob, since you clued me in to the choice of having the backup battery. This is better. I can remove it from one battery and move it to another without shutting down.

Very cool. I’m having a blast. Thank you.