C001 disconnects periodically

Hi all,
For the past month, an impC001 has been disconnecting and restarting with this typical log msg:

2021-11-26T16:12:50.125 +00:00 [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: network outage

This sometimes happens at approximately 20 minute intervals, repeating some times for several hours.

Software version:

2021-11-08T00:36:37.503 +00:00 [Device] Software Version ba1d312 - release-42.6 - Wed Apr 28 09:07:31 2021 - production

Device ID: c0010c2a69f0039c

Nothing has changed in the local environment (location, antenna, etc.).


Looking in the black box logs that the server collects when a device reconnects, I can see that the carrier kicked the device off the network. The issue is not signal related (looks decent - RSRP/RSRQ is -115/-11.5)

Are you sending much data, or very little?

The device typically receives two commands per day, to turn lights on or off. When it does so, it responds with a 24 byte status message. Sometimes it receives more than two, if a manual status request is issued, but I think this all falls into the “very little” category.

Yep, that’s very little data. Is the reconnect causing issues? If you use messagemanager then it will deal with resending messages if the agent tries to talk to the device during a reconnect - this is generally a good thing to use anyway, as network issues are an unfortunate fact of life for any type of device.

Thank you, Hugo. I will look into using messagemanager. The code I am using dates from long ago (ca. 2014), and I need to bring it up to date :slight_smile:

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