Button cell


using a button battery it is suitable for electric imp
what type of button battery can be used?


what is the thinnest battery that can last as long

there is induction charging sytem ?

The IMP draws ~250ma for short bursts while transmitting on wifi. It’s the nature of wifi to be a fast as possible for the shortest time. 2xAAA would be about as small a battery for the IMP.

@baudetd, we have a guide on the subject of battery power here. However, it notes that “imps cannot run on most coin-cell batteries. While these batteries may be rated at sufficent voltage and capacity to boot an imp, they are not rated to provide the instantaneous current required to run the WiFi transmitter. Attempting to do so can damage or destroy the battery. See the Battery Types table, below, for some other battery options and how to use them.”

Hi Smittytone, your link is to staged.electricimp.com requires a login which my normal EI credentials don’t work with.

@rocketfire @smittytone I fixed the link

Thanks, @philmy