Burn more battery when no wifi available?

I have 5 sensors out in a field test. Sometimes the operator’s mifi device runs out of battery and the Imps can’t connect to the internet to report home.

I seem to notice the batteries running lower faster when this situation occurs.

What do the imps do when there is no gateway available? Do they curn and burn battery, or do they fire once every specified time like usual?

I am using Imp001

If you’re using the default connection strategy, they will attempt to connect for 60 seconds then if they don’t manage it, they’ll go into low power sleep for 9 minutes, then try again. They will keep doing that until they get a connection.

If you want to change that, then use RETURN_ON_ERROR mode and code your own connect timeout and sleep interval after that point - eg you could just buffer the reading and sleep if no connect within 20s.

Thank you Hugo.

More info on running imps offline and connecting when you need to here.