Built for Imp hardware: MAX31855 Thermocouple Amplifier breakout w/thermocouple jack

One of the first IoT projects that I worked on, and the one that is probably still my favorite is my dual probe thermocouple BBQ temperature monitor. I’ve built quite a number of prototypes, and I keep promising a tutorial on how to make one. I decided to build my own MAX31855 breakout designed just for the Imp, and especially the C3V0, and P3V3 boards. There are other MAX31855 breakouts available, but this one contains only the hardware recommended by Maxim Integrated and an Omega thermocouple jack. It is not 5V compliant. If you are interested in purchasing one of the rev 1 boards, please email info@themakedeck.com as I will have a few of them available. The board will be regularly available from MakeDeck in a few weeks. Please post comments and suggestions.

The board is shown here being read by C3V0, and flanked by Aria and P3V3.

Rev 1 is now available.

Hey everyone I have just got a p3v3 does anyone know if it is ok for me to hook up led to gpio pins without a resistor as a digital out signal. I know there are some internal resistors I just just don’t know on what pins?

There are internal pullup/down resistors, but you can’t use them to power an LED. Take a look at this tutorial for a proper way to use an LED.