Builder/Sublime pre-build command

We’re currently moving from our own multi-file preprocessor to the sublime plug in using builder.
I was wondering wether it is possible to execute a command (executable/batch file) before the build takes place. We were using such an approach in our current build setup to do an auto increment of a build sequence number (pre-build exe reads a local file containing a build number, updates it and stores it again before building-this file is then linked in with @include), making it easy to compare versions of code deployed to different devices during development. I know there are the version strings that are created when deploying, but these don’t give any indication of which version is older or newer… They are also not available in the squirrel code itself.

I don’t know about the Sublime plugin (I use VS Code, w/ a makefile), but Builder allows you to extend it with extra functionality. See

You might be able to build something with this. Personally, I’d use it to embed the git SHA in the source.

[Version strings] are also not available in the squirrel code itself.

Yes they are: