BuildAPI Beta use


As per my reading BuildAPI are used to code offline , Collaborative coding.
Do you have any video which elaborates this process ?


At this point, we don’t have any videos showing this in action, but unless you have tools which can make use of Build, there’s not much to see. Build is about enabling the development of new offline coding and collaborative coding tools, not a tool in its own right.

@dheerajkoshti We use a variation of with the build API to handle environment variables and Github committing. Works really well for collaborative coding.

Hi smittytone,

As per my reading, squirrel code which we write in online IDE gets compiled in cloud.

In that case,

  1. If we try to develop offline collaboratively, how we are going to build the code and test before we commit the change ?
  2. How we upload our offline developed code in GIT to agent/device?

I think if you create some demo documentation with some simple example, it will help beginners to explore electric-IMP’s capability.


If you develop code collaboratively, you will need to upload it to the Electric Imp Cloud for compilation, and transferring to and testing on devices. Build lets you do this upload.

Git integration is not supported by Build directly, but it provides a basis for you to write tools that will take your code on GitHub (or Bitbucket, or whatever) and upload it to the Electric Imp Cloud for deployment to devices.

Build is not intended for beginners. It’s a feature to help advanced users get their existing tools to communicate with the Electric Imp Cloud. We recommend beginners start out with the online IDE.

I followed above link there documentation given helped me.