Build Numbers Confused

I have a quick question you may be able to answer regarding ElectricImp IDE.

The issue I had when clicking ‘build and run’ during Device configuration, is the following:

Once IMP has identified UUID for Device, I select UUID
I ensure latest firmware is selected and rename the Device
I click on the build and run icon, ensuring the latest build is selected; unplug and replug the Device back in, and then click run - which works

Issue: I’ve noticed that I’ll be configuring a Device, say build 20; run that and its fine.
I’ll go to configure a 2nd Device and then the highest build is 18 or some other number not as high - therefore inconsistent.

Not sure why this is, any ideas?

Not sure what you mean here; when a device connects, it will always get the latest version of firmware that is assigned to it. Selecting a new model for a device will immediately download the latest version of that model’s code to that device immediately - you do not need to unplug, click run, etc.

Maybe screenshots of what you’re doing would help here?

Understood. I think I have figured this out now.