Build-cli log date wrong?

I’m pretty new to Electric Imp, so kindly forgive my not knowing the best way to report this:

It appears that the timestamps in the log retrieved by “imp log” are incorrect.

The online IDE shows an apparently accurate log line, eg.:

`2017-02-08 11:14:35 UTC-8	[Agent]	01030400000000FA33

the corresponding line via imp log is:

`2017-02-03 11:14:35 UTC-8 [Agent]	01030400000000FA33

, which is mostly correct, however the date is 5 days off.

I realize that build-cli is in beta, but being able to automate the log retrieval is really useful. My current project requires a 24-hour log, which will be much easier to parse if the date is correctly recorded.

What are the chances or timeline for a patch or a work-around for this?

On the off chance that it helps in debugging the problem, note that the formatting between the timestamp and the rest of the line is different, suggesting that that portion of the logging comes from a different place. The (incorrect) date reported is close to the first time I used imp log on this device.


Thanks for letting us know, Walter. I’ll take a look at the code.

Figured out what’s going wrong: the code uses the day of the week instead of the day of the month. I’ll get an update out shortly.

If you run npm update -g build-cli, you’ll get version 0.3.4 with the date fix.

That worked great!

Thanks for the rapid, thorough, response.