Build-cli command line tool updated

Those of you making use of our build-cli tool, which allows you to develop code and manage devices from the command line rather than the IDE, I have just updated this to version 0.3.0. Just run

`npm update -g build-cli`

to perform the update. Runnning

`imp -V`

should show the new version number, 0.3.0.

Some changes have been made, so please check out the guide. Essentially, the command ‘login’ is now ‘setup’, and you use the command ‘new’ to create a new local project/reinitialize an existing one.

In addition, the command ‘devices’ can now be used to list a project’s assigned devices: add the option -c. The command ‘log’ can be passed a device name now, not just a device ID, by using the -t option.

More updates coming soon.