Build API with blessed devices

I’m interested in using bits of the build API get information from blessed devices. Specifically, I want to call the device endpoints. Is this possible?

{ "success": false, "error": { "code": "DeviceNotFound", "message_short": "Device '<>' not found", "message_full": "Device '<>' not found" } }

Simply, you can’t. The Build API doesn’t currently support access to production devices. Unfortunately, I can’t say when it will

The IDE has this information on the ‘Production Logs’ tab. It looks like it’s using the v3 build API. How can we get access to this API?

It does and it is, but v3 is not a public API and, in any case, is going to be deprecated very soon. Build will then be upgraded, and get access to production features in due course.

@adambrakhane, as @smittytone pointed out, we are going to have new API to support blessed device, we would love to have your early feedback, is it okay if we email you once we have more information to share?