Build and Run not Executing

I am working with a test imp in my code. It has blinked up fine, performing fine, transferring data back and forth with the agent and accessible via the URL in real-time.

A new problem cropped up this morning. When I change the code the build and run simply won’t execute. If I power cycle the imp, reload the IDE, leave the imp unpowered for a few minutes and plug it back in. The imp functions perfectly reconnecting and resuming operation, but it will not build and run (download) the new code.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

It sounds like you may possibly have some blocking code in your device?

The imp is single threaded - and that thread is used to run the imp’s squirrel code, as well as run a bunch of maintenance / OS level tasks. If your code takes control of the thread for a long period of time, the imp will drop offline because it can’t manage it’s connection.

The IDE does appear to be a bit resistant to Building and Running. I first noticed it about 12 hours ago. I tried to click Build and Run numerous times, but the IDE did not seem to update. I did try refreshing the browser, to no avail. Only logging out and logging back in would fix it.

I also note that scroll bars on Windows Chrome are now black and almost invisible. They used to be dark grey.

We’ve found the bug and deployed a hotfix - this problem should be resolved, assuming you refresh the IDE. Please let us know if you have any other problems!

Thanks all. It seems to be working fine today.