Budweiser Redlight Connection Issue

Hey all! Just looking for some input with regards to syncing my Budweiser redlight. I have read all the posts within this forum, and skimmed Budweisers FAQs. I am pretty capable when it comes to these types of things but something is not clicking with me on this one. My issues is this:
I enter all the correct wifi info on a 2.4 network. Proceed to the “blinkup” stage, where the imp flashes red (it is not a constant blink, but more of a “blink,blink,blink,pause,blink” when my iPhone 6 starts flashing the red blink stops and it runs its course, flashes green once briefly, then the Budweiser iPhone app shows a connecting screen, and the imp goes back to its “blink blink blink pause blink red” stage, and the app informs me it can’t connect. My redlight is a 2013 and the imps Mac is: 0c2a69040d02. If there is any help anyone can offer that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much in advance. If there is any other info you need to help resolve this problem please let me know and I’ll try to figure it out.

Problem solved. Updated iPhone to most recent operating system.