Budweiser red light

Anyone have connecting issues with light this season, trying to get ready for season but light won’t connect, I have it on 2.4 not 5G, has fresh battery’s and info is inputted correctly. Any info out there I’m missing

What the LED doing on the light when you turn it on?

Got the MAC address (depending on what version you have, it’s either on a label under the light or printed on the imp card - starts with 0c2a69)

I had to use an iphone to get my Budwesier Red Light to activate. None of the Android devices in our home would activate it. I noticed someone else’s post that made me try it with the iphone.

If it had not connected in the past couple of years then yes, the card’s android blinkup support wasn’t great. Now that your device is online, it will have updated and android should be fine.

My Budwiser red light works when I test it with my App but does not work when a goal is scored. Very upsetting when I see I am not the only person with the same problem. So far a big waste of money.

I’m afraid that’s something you need to bring up with Budweiser as the test button working means that our end is fine - however, the sports data backend, team affiliations etc are all on their side.

How do you change it from 5 to 2.4?

The Red Light won’t connect to a 5GHz network at all, so if you configure it with a 5GHz network’s name, it won’t be able to go online. So you don’t ‘change it from 5 to 2.4’, you just make sure you have a 2.4GHz network to connect to.

Hey folks newbie here with my first post. My router has dual band, both 2.4 and 5. I’ve named both the same SSID. Is the imp in my Budweiser red light smart enough to choose the 2.4 network?

Yes, it only has a 2.4 radio so is only aware of 2.4 APs.

Again, thanks Hugo. Much appreciated.