Budweiser red light

I buyed a budweiser red light end I have a problem to configure it. In the instructions it says when the light is turned on and that the card is inserted the led on the card is supposed to flash in red mine it’s flashing orange. When I start the program on my phone the led on card flashes jerky when the phone finished it makes a test connection to the light and told me «downtime your light goal can’t connect.» Sometimes when I start the program the led after about 5 seconds will flashes 3-4 times red and come back orange but even back in the test connections of light I have the same error message that appears. What can i do?



Orange means it hasn’t got any settings yet.

When you do blinkup, ensure the phone’s screen is held directly against the imp card, not against the red button as the diagram on-screen suggests. Hold it there when the screen shows the countdown, and keep it there until the flashing stops.

What phone are you using?

Hi Hugo
I had already done what you say ‘directly against the imp card, not against the red button’ And it does not work! my bug is about the LED is supposed to start flashing red but start flashes orange all the time. Is it normal! I dont thing so.

My phone it’s a HTC one 601.

Thank for trying to help me!

My phone is not a htc one 601 but a htc disire 601.

If you have access an an iPhone iPod or iPad (or other android phones) try blinking up with them. The imp will auto-update, and after that you may well be fine with your HTC.

My red light connected no problem via my iphone 4s. My issue is that it doesn’t light up when My team scores. The test signals I send from my phone work.

That sounds like a budweiser-side problem to me; maybe contact their support?

I had mine paired but would go off when i tried the app test. I unpaired the devices now i cannot get it to work again. I pull the imp card and reinsert it and only get a brief orange flas no other lights, any help.???

Does the physical test button work? Could be out of battery if you’re not getting any LED flashing.


Hoping maybe I can get some help with my Bud Light. I just received it this week and it seems to function properly as it goes off when tested manually with the red button on the back. When I go through the App set up it won’t connect. It times out.
When I Insert the Imp card and turn the unit on the light flashes orange on and off. I hold my iPhone directly against the IMP sensor and wait for the flashing screen to stop. I never see a green light nor have I seen a red light. Just flashing orange and then my app tells me its timed out… Thoughts? Thanks.

PM me your mac address and we’ll have a look.