Budweiser Red Light will not sync

I just received a new Budweiser red light (version B) and have followed every step for connecting and all I get is "TIME OUT
Does this issue happen often?
I feel like an idiot putting my phone up to this thing over and over again…

Not sure how much we can help here, but what’s the mac address of the device? I’ve never seen a version B myself but I would guess there’s a sticker on the bottom with an address of the form “0c2a69XXXXXX”.

With that number we can look in the logs. What phone are you using?

Mac: 0c2a69036e5b

I’m using an Iphone5

I believe the difference between version A and B is that B does not come with a chip to insert

Seems to have been online just fine from what I can see. Did you get it working?