Budweiser Red Light (Version 2/3) - Connection Issues

I changed the batteries on my device today, and it lost connection with my phone.

After numerous attempts, it still will not connect.

I have also tried reinstalling the App.

On a side note, when it was working prior to changing the batteries, goal alerts were always delayed 1 minute, regardless of what I set the delay at in the App.

There’s nothing electric imp can do about the app or app company. The battery issue … I wonder if the batteries you put in are really not new. Are you sure the batteries are good?

  • Batteries are new
  • Light turns on and functions with the test button

The main problem is that it will not sync up with the flashing.

The light doesn’t connect to the phone; what is the LED on the imp card showing?

Where do I look for that?

Erm, not sure. Is this a wifi red light? There should be an LED which flashes when you turn the light on. It might say “config” or “blinkup” on the housing near it.

I’ve not seen a rev2/rev3 light (possibly ever) so not sure where to tell you to look!

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