Budweiser red light stops working after a few minutes

Only starting this season, my red light seems to go to sleep and won’t wake up. I’ve tried resetting the imp card and still stops working after 5 minutes. Pushing the test button makes it go but sending the command through the app doesn’t. Not sure what else I can do…

When you say “Go to sleep”, what does that mean to you? Are you saying the LED stops blinking after 5 minutes? If so, that is correct. The LED does not always blink. When you power it on, it blinks until it blinks green. If there are no software downloads, it will stop blinking after a bit. Normally during running ‘correctly’ it will never blink any color.

It works locally with the test button, so you know the imp is actually running physically. If the imp is not blinking anything and the test button works, you know your WiFi connection between the imp and the agent is working, otherwise the LED would be blinking red/orange. So now you have to analyze the connection between your app and the website where the app communicates. Perhaps your account with them has expired, or something isn’t right with that? I would focus on that part.

Sorry, not sure if I didn’t explain it enough but the test button I’m talking about is on the light itself. The test button on the app does not work after about 5 minutes.

I just tested again. The test button on the app worked (after I power cycled the light) but when it was the 5 minute warning (it was a minute later) I hear nothing (and yes, the option for that is checked on in the app ;))

This is how the red light works. To save power (the battery lasts for years), it only stays awake in two situations:

  • During a match of one of your selected teams
  • For a few minutes after powering up, so you can use the test button

Once it has gone to sleep, the radio is off and the test button on the app won’t do anything (though the button on the device will still work).

Right but the team scored and the light didn’t go off…
Also I have a notification in my bar saying the light is ready.

Is there a way to disable sleep mode? Or does it just not work in preseason?

There’s no way to disable sleep mode, no. This is determined by the manufacturer of the light.

I’m afraid I don’t know if they cover games in the preseason, Budweiser support would know that though.

I just looked it up. Doesn’t work in preseason. Good to know!

Thanks for the help anyways!