Budweiser red light reset

I got a new phone, but I can’t get the red light connected to it. It seems like it’s still connected to the old phone, which unfortunately I no longer have. Is there a way to reset the red light to set it up again? I need to adjust the delay.


The red light doesn’t connect to the phone, it connects to wifi. The phone app is just used to change teams and network settings.

If the light is still flashing green when you turn it on, you don’t need to do anything (unless you want to change teams, I guess?)

Changing teams and the delay setting is what I’m looking for, mostly the delay setting.

Did you work it out? As I remember you log into the app then just do pair a new light and follow that flow.

I haven’t gotten it yet, I think I’m having a password issue. Is there someplace I can reset it online, or is in the app somewhere I’m not seeing?

Can you describe what you’re doing? There’s no password for the app that I remember seeing.

Are you getting to the blinkup step? (where you hold the phone against the red light). You need to do this within a minute of turning the red light on at the power switch.

Yes I’m getting the blinkup steps from the app, but since the red light is currently working properly it seems to ignore the blinkup and the phone never connects to the light.

Are you doing the blinkup whilst the green light is still flashing?

I’m having the exact same issue. Was this ever resolved? Need to add a team and adjust the delay.

I haven’t been able to resolve the issue yet.

Just trying the app - my phone hasn’t paired a light in years so the app doesn’t think I have a red light (if I tap “red light” at the bottom, then I get an “add red light” prompt).

  • tap “add red light”
  • enter wifi SSID and password, press next
  • app tells you to turn red light on (two different animations depending on the model)
  • app tells you to watch for the flashing LED (blinkup LED)
  • app tells you to hold phone against device after pressing “start connection”

…that’s pretty much it…