Budweiser Red Light Not Working Properly


I am wondering if someone could help me. My dad bought me a Budweiser red light and I think it is great! I was able to connect it fine and it was working normally. However a few hours later I wanted to try it again so I tested it from the Budweiser red light app and noticed it was no longer working?

I then turned it off and back on and put my iPhone screen towards the imp card until it flashed green again. It then worked normally again. The next day the same problem happened. So it seems as though when I set it up it works for about 20 minutes or so and then stops working completely.

I am not sure what to do hoping someone can give me some insight?


when you start that thing up, does you see a green light after it flashes red/orange?

The red light test button is only for right after blinkup. I believe that after 5 minutes of inactivity, the light goes to sleep. If you pop the imp out then in again, the test button will work for another 5 minutes.

This is because the light is only generally “awake” during games to save battery.

Dolftraanberg - Yes when I start it up it flashes green after it has flashed red/orange. So it connects at first and works but then it seems to stop working after a short period of time?

Hugo - So the red light test button only works for about 5 minutes? Strange for the app to have a test button but for it to only work after 5 minutes or so of connecting it. So what your saying is that you think it is working? There are no games now so I can’t tell if it works properly or not.

Thanks for the feed back!

@kirk71 Yes, this is what the test button does - it’s to check it’s working after you’ve configured it. This is why it’s only available at the end of the blinkup process, and doesn’t appear when you re-launch the app.

I think it’ll keep working for 5 minutes after the last time you test, so if you keep hammering test, it’ll keep working (just don’t wait for more than 5 minutes between presses).

If the test button works in that period, the light is connected and is working.

Thanks Hugo for confirming that! I cannot wait until the season starts up to enjoy this red light :slight_smile:

I hope if they decide not to continue to support it after this upcoming season, they make a final change to allow the light to work by pressing a button on the app and keep it awake after the 5 minute limit.

I have just receive my new red light for Christmas and after several tries, it blinking green.

However, the Test button doesn’t work in the app and I don’t receive any live goal.

Any ideas?

I wonder why there are so many problems with the Bud Light? You think this would be a really easy thing to do. Have other Imp products that are for sale to the public been having any problems like the Bud Light? I hope not.

Has Bud Light been in contact with Imp to figure out why people are having problems? This could become an “bad image problem” for the Imp, even if the Bud Light design, engineering, or construction is really to blame.

hmm, I think you can’t compare Bud Light users with Imp users…

Well, bear in mind a couple of things:

  • There are a LOT of red lights out there. Even a tiny fraction of them having problems is quite a sizable number
  • There’s more to the red light system than the imp. There’s an app, a real-time sports data feed backend, other server farms, etc. Eg “the test button doesn’t work, but the imp is green” is generally not an issue with the imp.

We work closely with customers to ensure that things work smoothly, but the real world is full of variables and so it’s always a process of evolution. We’ve learnt from the red light and buzz have learnt from us too.